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Financial Services Review magazine

Scalefin receives a great honor

Super proud and honored for being among the top 10 digital banking solutions providers in Europe in 2022. The distinction comes from the prestigious Financial Services Review Europe magazine.
The list is conducted annually and includes the top 10 companies being at the forefront of providing Digital Banking solutions.


Mobile Excellence Awards 2022

Bronze award for the Scalefin mobile application for 2022

Friendly UI and modern UX led to this significant distinction which awards annually innovative mobile applications, services, and infrastructure in the Greek market, the past seven years.


Ermis Awards 2021

Bronze award for the Scalefin web

Design, functionality and usability of the Scalefin web have been awarded at the “Craft & Technological Artistry” category of the most prestigious advertising awards in Greece.


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Scalefin is a digital banking platform that accelerates your organization's digital transformation. Improve your time-to-market using a host of out-of-the-box features. Leverage our modern tech stack and proven methodology to implement innovative customer journeys. Get ahead of your competition by providing best-of-class UX, without compromising security.

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Technology Stack

On the inside

Services Director - Partner Indice

Thanos Panousis

A decade’s experience in digital banking taught us repeatedly that the costliest investments are the ones not undertaken. Minimizing operational costs and maximizing customer satisfaction are significant factors of a replatforming project. Ultimately a digital banking software stack is judged by its ability to execute the Bank’s vision without compromise and delay. We at INDICE strive to make our offering such an enabler.

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Using our API-first approach, integrate and adapt with no restrictions, expand as you grow and enjoy the highest standards of security. Take advantage of the cloud computing technology and scale as per the business requirements and your customers' feedback, gaining important analytics while achieving those cost reductions. Use Agile to your advantage by adapting our methodology to your organization.

Is your core banking system based on legacy database systems or a modern event-driven architecture? In either case, Scalefin is ready to integrate with your IT environment. As an API – first platform, Scalefin offers flexibility and versatility and interfaces effortlessly with any underlying system or other internal or external 3rd parties. Scalefin is built with modern technologies and standards: you can finally stop playing catch up and start building your vision.

Thinking about moving to the cloud? Implement your cloud migration at your pace with Scalefin, a cloud-native, API-driven platform built to handle the scale and regulatory requirements of the modern Βank. As an award-winning cloud company, our team is uniquely positioned to guide you to your cloud journey.

The Scalefin authx & authz model is based on OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and FIDO. Armed with a clear mapping between users, devices and physical or legal persons, the Bank is free to implement journeys with the highest combination of UX and security.

Put into words

Moving forward with our digital transformation, we aimed to offer exceptional digital experiences to our clients. Partnering with Indice, led to exceed this objective. Applying customer – centricity, flexibility and excellence in execution, INDICE helped us to successfully upgrade our digital services by the set deadlines. As a result, our Bank witnessed significant increase in the number of customers, transactions and customer satisfaction, and our apps have been awarded in domestic contests.

INDICE is included in the annual listing of 10 companies in Europe that are at the forefront of providing Digital Banking solutions and impacting the marketplace.


Why us

For more than a decade, we design digital banking experiences, bringing a human-centric perspective to digital interaction. We help financial institutions to achieve digital acceleration and create meaningful connections with their customers.

We are here to help your Βank go digital fast, safely, and cost efficiently.

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